Grist Cases

As with all of our brewery grain handling solutions, our grist cases come made-to-order with turn-key integration & service.

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Grist cases stage grain before mash and after milling. This allows the mill to work slowly and steadily without the brewer having to wait for it. When it’s time to mash, the grist can be discharged all at once and the mill can begin working on the next batch. Grist cases are necessary for about 75% of breweries and can be hung above the mash tun for quicker dump times.

When brewing multiple batches of the same recipe, grist cases can be placed on or hung from load cells, allowing you to weigh out the grist directly from the vessel. Read more about this on our daughter company, A-1 Scales’ site.

As with all of our equipment, our grist cases come in any size, color or type of steel desired. Powder-coating is standard, but stainless tanks are needed for wash-down environments.

When sizing your grist case or conveyance method, keep in mind that milled grain is less dense than whole grain (25 lbs/ft³ vs 35 lbs/ft³) as this article points out. If you opt for augers this means you need to step the sizes up from mill to grist and grist to mash in order to get the same conveyance rate you got from storage to mill. If you went right for chain-disks everything will be on a single line accounting for the higher convey ranges.

Our standard grist cases have 60 ft³ working capacity, 4″ inlets and outlets, and exhaust ports for dust collection (or sock filters). In addition to custom sizes and dimensions they can also be fitted with vibrating airpads to prevent bridging.