Scale packages

High-accuracy, low-maintenance solutions for weighing any number of inputs from a single point. As with all of our malt handling solutions, they come made-to-order with turn-key installation.

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Thick, high-grade steel and load cells last and maintain accuracy.


10x more accurate than the industry standard (0.5% variance vs 5%).


The single-point batching system saves money, space, and time.


Modular designs are capable of interfacing virtually infinite inputs.

Recipe memory

Programmable displays remember virtually infinite recipes.

Low Dust

Well-sealed, closed connections reduce or eliminate dust.

The ABM Equipment Scale Package is a top-quality solution that weighs any number of infeeds from a single point. It helps monitor inventory, account for grain in-lines, and accommodate virtually infinite recipes for push-to-start operation. It’s highly reliable, accurate, and uses C++ coding (so it will always be supported.)
And as always, it’s built to order and includes turn-key integration & calibration.

Standard Specs

3″ x 3″ Powder-Coated Carbon Steel Frame
Mounting For Auger/Chain Disk, Junction Box, Dust Collection (Or Sock)
Remote Relay Output Box
Open Design For Access To Any Equipment
Stainless Discharge
Preassembly with 3 S-Type Load Cells
Programmable Controller With Virtually Infinite Input & Recipe Storage



Variable Footprint/Height
Custom Colors/Paint
Stainless Steel Contruction
Specialty Hopper
Grist Case