With hundreds of successful partnerships over the last 30 years we’ve learned how to make things easy. Take it from us… and some pretty awesome third parties.

“We’ve had 2 systems supplied by ABM Equipment and both are working well. They really came through when we realized we had an issue with the plans vs actual architecture of our new facility. I thought we would have to scrap the plans and start fresh to solve our problem but sure enough they came up with a way!”

Travis Floan
Burial Beer Co.

“That one was a tough one… Your guy did a nice job!”
Matt Stromberg


“You guys really know how to take care of a customer.”
Eric Bangs

Relay Resources

“ABM[‘s automation] is reliable, simple, and easy to use.”
Nate Froehlich

Heathen Brewing

“As a brewery owner and production manager, I cannot recommend Eric McCormick highly enough. When my partner and I started our brewery in a former appliance store, Eric led us by the hand, designing and overseeing the installation of our entire brewery with a system manufactured in Washington State and delivered to northern Minnesota. He is extremely adept at brewery design and generous with his knowledge, never failing to answer all my questions even though his understanding is leagues beyond mine. Eric gave great advice on numerous aspects of brewery operations, including tank installation, processes such as keg filling and cleaning, structuring gas and glycol layouts and brewery hardware (e.g. hoses, fittings, gaskets), the steam boiler system and electrical requirements. He’s a thoughtful person and easy to work with. Two years later, we’re still happy with the brewery design and how it was designed for growth, and don’t have a single complaint. Even though our project is complete, Eric continues to be a valuable source of information and advice. It’s amazing to think how lucky we were to design our entire brewery on Eric’s expertise.”

Bruce Walters
Voyageur Brewing

We were looking at German stuff like K-Malt and Kuhnsville and our stuff’s better. I’ve seen this other stuff in action; it’s louder, it’s noisier, it breaks a lot. Ours has been flawless for 2 years. I have to tell you – the thing that blew my mind the most – between all the chain drag and the RMS – it’s been 2 years and of a lot of brewing – there is no dust in our brewery from grain handling. There is literally NO dust in our brewery. We’ve not vacuumed, we’ve not [done anything]. You know, when we first started we put some [metal tape] at the bottom [of the scale package] around the edges. But literally other than that, it’s brainless, leak proof, quiet; we’re getting amazing yields (we’re in the 90’s and I’ve never had that in my whole career.) I couldn’t be happier, it’s amazing.

Bill Eye

“I have worked in the tank manufacturing business for the last 12 years and working with Eric McCormick is by far the best experience I have had working with a brewery consultant. I have had the privilege of working with Eric on numerous projects in the brewing industry for a number of years. I wish all brewery consultants were as knowledgeable, hardworking and informative as Eric is.
He is an asset to any brewery from new start-ups, establishing a brand to brewery expansions from building requirements, tank equipment to brewing needs Eric will get what is needed done with a smile and positive attitude.
I have contacted him on several occasions with questions, or looking for information to help solve a problem for a customer and he always has an answer or will find someone that does. Eric has a great reputation in the brewing industry and I look forward to many more opportunities to work with him in the future.”

Amy Myhra

“I’ve had the unique privilege of working with ABM a couple times in Denver and here in Dan Diego. I absolutely love their work, they’re very swift, accurate, and easy to work with; I would highly recommend them and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Ben Shirley
10 Barrel

“[Our malt handling system] has been extremely reliable – practically no maintenance costs, no jams in the feed; it’s been an absolute asset for our new brewing system.

Eric Ortega
Drake’s Brewing


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