Spent Grain & Cleanup

When it comes to cleanup, it’s important to have systems in place that requires minimal effort because that’s how much effort brewers will want to give it. Because of spent grain’s tendency to dry hard and spoil fast, tanks should be cleaned frequently and spent pickups made daily, especially if being sold as feed. We make this process smooth and simple, just like it should be.



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Spent Grain

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Spent grain is heavy and rich in bacteria, as it was soakedĀ but never reached boiling temperature. Using the right pump will keep the workspace clean, save backs, and spare aquifers from being used to clear inevitably clogged lines.

Steep Cone Silos

Any type of steel silo is acceptable for storing spent grain; the important things are capacity and cone slope. Ideally they will be raised enough that trucks can get under them and will store 2 days’-worth of grain in case a pick-up is missed.

Cleanup Systems

Transfer Pumps & Portable CIPs

Clean In Place systems allow the interior cleaning of assembled hoses, tanks, fittings, and vessels without taking everything apart. This can be done by pumping in hot water from the HLT or using portable tanks.

Washdown Systems

Washdown systems need to be able to withstand rough use and high temperatures. Like all industrial equipment they can be expensive, but buying quality hoses and parts will save money and headachesĀ in the long run.

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