Malt Handling

Efficient grain handling is an important but under-served step in the brewing process. Selecting and properly integrating the right system for your application will save you money on raw materials, labor, insurance, turnover, and training.



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Also known as malt bins, silos store large quantities of malt, allowing bulk purchases and fewer loading instances.

ABM Brewery Bulk Bag Unloaders

Bulk Bag Unloaders

When specialty grains are ordered for small batches or from Europe, ABM’s custom BBUs are the solution. They are hoist-and-trolley compatible and allow the most efficient use of super sacks.

Specialty Hoppers

Used for specialty brews and small breweries, specialty hoppers allow smaller portions of malt to be staged before grinding.


Silo Discharge Gate

Discharge Gates

The standard element for dosed emptying of silos into augers, quality discharge gates prevent waste and reduce dust.

Flex & Straight Augers

Flex/Straight Augers

An auger is a tube with a corkscrew-like shaft snaked through it. A motor rotates the shaft, progressing the grain. Flex augers use PVC tubing and a flexible shaft allowing angled sections.

Rotary Feeder

Rotary Feeders

Operating essentially like a contained water wheel, rotary feeders allow pressure differentials while controlling the flow of malt from bins to conveyance systems like chain disks and pneumatic conveyors.

Chain Disk Conveyor

Chain Disk Conveyors

By pulling segmented disks through a tube, chain disk conveyors can transfer grain in special conditions like about consecutive tight corners.

Pneumatic Conveyor

Pneumatic Conveyors

Using compressed air, pneumatic conveyors are seen in larger breweries and can move malt at about 4000 feet per minute.

Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators

Also known as grain legs, bucket elevators solve altitude problems by hauling grain vertically.

Portioning & Grinding

Process Scale

Process Scales

Our sister company, A-1 Scale, designs and calibrates all of our systems. The most common method used for automated portioning is a scale hopper, but different applications can call for different solutions.

Process Controls

Process Controls

Process controls allow automation of various process functions. These controls can be as complex as needed and can dynamically auto-correct different stages of processes.

Floor Scale

Floor Scales

Simple floor scales are used for special batches, smaller quantities of ingredients added manually, and for small breweries.


Roller Grinders

The more finely malt is milled the greater the extract production but the more likely you will run into problems during wart separation. We carry up to 4-roller mills which grind up to 8,000 lbs./hr.

Grist Case

Grist Cases

Grist cases are mini silos which relax mill schedules by staging grain after grinding and before mashing. This steel vessel is particularly crucial when a brewhouse shares a floor with the mill room.

Dust Collection

Dust Collection

Small, contained mill rooms can get by with frequent cleaning, but excessive airborne debris is hard on the lungs and creates cleanliness and safety issues, particularly when wet. Our solutions reduce hazards and always satisfy the latest NFPA regulations.

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