Chain Disks

Chain disks (also known as chain-and-puck conveying or tubular drag) are generally the most practical solution for grain conveying. It’s cost-effective, reliable, efficient, and pretty. Tubing comes in a variety of options including stainless, colored, and transparent.

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Chain links can be easily separated and joined, allowing flexibility for future changes in the process or facility.


Chain disks retain effectiveness about numerous tight corners and vertical runs. This means more options and less hazards.


Fewer particulates means less dust in the air, ground, and mash. This means less cleanup and higher yield.


Cable-based systems wind up over time and the metal in augers wears through the PVC. Chain disks involve minimal friction.


4-inch systems can move 240 lbs. of whole grain and 175 lbs of milled grain per minute.

Chain disks use low-friction materials and wheels at each corner to suspend pucks away from the tubing at turns. This allows a single drive to convey product up to 2,000 ft with up to 24 turns and as many outlets as needed. We’ve been able to deliver some of the most innovative systems in the space.

Manufacturers and types of material used (such as PVC, ribbed steel, or welded steel) will effect rates and effective runs, so give us a call or fill out the form to go over your application. We’ll answer your questions, get you a quote, or both.

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