Our [Meridian] silos are made to order with mild or stainless steel. They can come in the most generally efficient efficient style or made to fit width, height, or footprint restrictions.

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Fully Cured Powder Coating

Top-quality powder coating protects the silo, the product, and the appearance of the brewery.


Each unit is engineered for the brand, local climate, seismic area, and municipal codes for ease of permitting.

Dust-Tight Discharge Gates

Our custom solution eliminates leakage, protecting grain and resisting infestation.

Single-Piece welded builds

Bolt-less and seamless interiors resist hang-ups which can cause mold contamination.

Silos allow significant savings on grain and typically create positive ROI for breweries at about 2000 BBLs annual production. We typically use Meridian silos because of their quality, customizability, and because they’re good people. Their lead times can be abnormally long, which make them an impractical choice for urgent installations, but their 5 facilities across the states often allow lower shipping costs than other options.

The quality determination comes from materials used and overall design. Meridian silos also feature:

  • Tubing legs and bracing for cleanliness and durability
  • Fill pipes with radius elbows and scroll boxes for reduced product damage
  • Horizontal bands for full structural support
  • Vent lines to reduce dust buildup on the roof and surrounding surfaces
  • Filter bags for the vent line
  • Interior powder coating
  • Top non-venting manholes
  • Enclosed auger boots for product integrity and cleanliness


  • Dust bag house mounts
  • Fall arrest systems
  • Caged ladders & grip roof rails

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