Bulk bag unloaders

BBUs (or super sack unloaders) allow practical use of bulk bags (2,000 lb. super sacks). Ours are made-to-order, built-to-last and fully customizable.

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The raw materials used for our BBUs cost the same as competing finished products and don’t buckle when hit by forklifts.


Washdown, brand-consistent, or low-profile, our BBU’s are built for the breweries they serve.


Our BBUs require minimal install time, help save money on grain, and significantly reduce labor costs (when compared to 50 lb. bags).

Low Dust

The well-sealed, closed system greatly reduce dust generation when compared to bagged malt.

Standard Specs

Low-Profile (<12′ OAH)
Forklift-Style Loading
Super Sack Strap Hooks
Powder-Coated Carbon Steel
3″ Frame
3’x3′ Receiving Hopper
Bag Support Pan


Hoist & Trolley (For Space-Restricted Applications)
5 cu. ft. Receiving Hopper
Access Door, Dust Collection Port, Slide Gate
15-7/8″ Lexan Transition To Flex Auger
Adjustable Stand For Varying Bag Height
Loss-In-Weight Scale Package
Stainless Frame


Construction Of Stainless Steel BBU (Timelapse)

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