Brewery Design & Buildout

When brewing the perfect beer, it helps to have the perfect brewery. We use our experience and knowledge of these artforms to help brewers focus on what they do best. Full brewery buildout means nothing left out; flange to flange design, floor-up construction, business consulting, technique analyzation, and anything else owners and brewers need to keep the beer coming.

Whether needs are unmet or unknown, we’ve got them covered.

Sometimes startups underestimate the logistics involved, order kits and equipment in isolation, then must employ other services separately. We are happy to help any brewery in any capacity, but supporting services are included with our builds or offered at discounted rates, notwithstanding involved or prolonged need. The following list contains common examples of these services.

  • Building & utility review
  • Design and layout of brewery equipment (Local PE stamp can be attained as needed)
  • Total equipment procurement and equipment schedules
  • Collaboration with local architect to assist in producing permit sets
  • Presentation of expert opinion to municipalities
  • Comprehensive or specific equipment install
  • Rigging and placement of supplied equipment
  • Commissioning of supplied equipment
  • Testing of supplied equipment
  • Passivation of Stainless equipment
  • Boiler/burner tuning
  • Onsite tuning during first brews
  • Equipment servicing & maintenance


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