Craft Brewer's Conference Cancelled

The rumors are true. The Craft Brewer’s Conference is Cancelled. But we’re getting (most of) our money back and CBC will be back in 2021 in San Diego, March 29-April 1.


There’s been a lot of waffling over the past few days, but the Brewer’s Association has made a permanent decision to cancel CBC 2020 (and the World Beer Cup) over the Corona Virus scare.

All the information you could want can be found here on their site, but the gist of it is that all monies paid to the association will be refunded, but not those paid to third parties such as shipping, housing, and travel providers. The hotel block that the Brewer’s Association facilitated may be partially refundable (mainly just the cancellation fees), but that’s till up in the air. Refunds will be administered automatically, so there’s no need to try to establish connection amid what must be a firestorm in their office.

This cancellation includes ALL of the associated events, but the Brew Talks guys will be pressing forward and trying to salvage the situation.

For any more information or just to commiserate over how ridiculous everyone is, don’t hesitate to reach out.