Flange-to-flange design, turn-key integration

ABM has been building processing plants since the biggest difference between beers was the brand name, so when craft brewers needed help scaling their operations, we were eager to jump in. Since then we’ve helped hundreds of breweries maximize their space and budget with solid solutions that work.

We don’t sell kits or equipment that may or may not fit, we deliver performing systems that move and grow with your brewery, distillery, or malting facility.

Whether you’re thinking about next steps for a promising home brew or need to scale and automate your grain system while minimizing downtime, our engineers, designers, and fabricators will deliver a system that saves time and money. We’ll draw out your space in real-time, cover your options, and get the best one underway so your brewer can focus on brewing.


How It Started

Starting out as processing equipment reps, Jeff Walling and John Cassa noticed that the wide variation in processes—even within the same product class—made it difficult for equipment manufacturers to mass-produce useful solutions.

Jeff and John hired their first engineer and fabricator to customize equipment and bridge the gap between equipment and application, thus founding ABM Equipment. Today, ABM helps customers find the best-suited equipment for their needs and integrate it with pre-existing processes.

From the craft brewing industry’s explosion up until today, there has been a need for specialized grain and malt handling equipment that fits the needs of a brewer. And from then ’till now, ABM has been the leading provider of grain handling solutions in the brewing industry.

ABM provides in-house design, equipment optimization and fabrication, and 24/7 support.