We Build Breweries

What We Offer

Top-quality, full brewery buildouts.

The word “turnkey” gets thrown around a lot in our industry, but not with us. Fresh grain storage, spent grain storage, and everything in-between is all-American and integrated for optimal space and function.

Clean logistics & controlled costs

With in-house engineering, fabrication, installation, and consulting, our builds net little more than kits pieced together from China. They’re built faster, with fewer headaches, and at double the quality.

Malt Handling

This category involves every step from storage to preparing the malt for fermentation. Bulk bag unloaders, augers, grist cases, automation controls, dust control, etc. Aside from having been in the dry goods processing business since our inception, we’ve helped over 100 breweries in this area.

Brewhouse (Hot Side)

This section includes the fermentation process and preparation for cooling. We support steam, electric, direct fire, and on-demand cleaning setups. The brains behind our work here joined our team from another prominent industry position and is backed by a strong history of sucess.

Brewhouse (Cold Side)

Finally the water put into the mix emerges as a drinkable liquid. This section takes you from fermentation to the cooling process. This includes the transfer pumps, and we’ve also lumped washdown systems into this category for the sake of brevity.

Spent Grain

Unsurprisingly, this section deals with transporting and storing the spent grain, and ultimately consists of progressive cavity pumps and silos. We’ve given this small step its own section because not enough companies deal in it and we don’t want it to be overlooked.

Brewery Design and Buildout

We’ve been customizing process systems for decades and love implementing full builds. But we also like helping out in whatever capacity is needed. We can consult, inspect, teach, or simply guide local contractors while keeping an eye on your project. We’ll even present to your city as experts.


We have a long history of focusing on holistic systems, and know how everything fits together on macro and micro scales. We’re happy to sell or modify equipment, but we’re also not afraid to come in a build everything out for you.


Not only does our team’s experience mean a glut of trade tricks, but it also means we have time-tested relationships all over the industry. With trust comes efficiency, and our buildouts can be done more quickly with fewer steps and less risk.


Our team is home to top-tier talent from around the industry. We brag ruthlessly about their breadth and depth of knowledge in hopes that you’ll call them and find out for yourself. We’re pretty confident you’ll agree.